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people who love to eat

are always the best people.  Julia Child

food is such an intrinsic part of a successful gathering.  


allow us to create menus and meals that wow and delight for any occasion from small intimate dinners, to large and grand celebrations.

helping you host

catered events

let us help you create memorable gatherings to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or any day. from staff, to decor, food and drinks. we will make your event magical.

Festive Dinner Table
farm-to-table feasts

work with us and our local partner farms to create a menu for your event that is seasonal, local, and sensational.


just need our delicious food for a gathering in your home? we will create a fabulous menu that will be freshly prepared and ready to warm and serve.

dinner parties to go
Food Photography
for more information, booking, and requests get in touch.
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